Quality Policy: Take quality management as the key to survival, ensure customers satisfaction. Take technological innovation as an impetus to development, forge name brands of JOEL.   Business Concept:Take brand as a link, and creating values together with you.   Corporate Spirit :SolidarityDevoted, Down to Earth, Innovative
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                Address: Nandu Town, Liyang City Industrial Zone No. 6 (at 104 State Road 1224 km)
              TEL0086 519 87685555  87685628
              FAX0086 519 87685698
              Contact: Mr. Li,xiao
              Mobile: 0086 13625113065
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                Address: The 8th Innovation Road Nandu Town, Liyang City
              TEL0086 519 68696803  68696805
              FAX0086 519 68696806
              Contact: Mr. Di  0086 13801495028
                      Shaw  0086 15995059194
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                   Changzhou Joel Plastics Co., located in long triangle economic China V center front, close to 104 National Road and Nanjing Hangzhou Expressway, from the Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Wuxi city 100 kilometers away from Shanghai, Hangzhou, about 200 kilometers, from Nanjing Lukou International Airport only 60 kilometers, traffic is very convenient.
              The company covers an area of 98000 square meters, construction area of 58000 square meters, a total investment of 380000000 yuan, the company independent innovation "1 step" process, formula and equipment, often the State Science and Technology Bureau organizations to build for the identification of Tsinghua University professor committee director agreed: "technology results in this project for the formation of the domestic first, reached the international advanced level". The company set a number of senior scientific and technical personnel, has successfully developed the multi colors, multi use,mold, plastic particles, urea formaldehyde resin, melamine urea formaldehyde resin, urea formaldehyde resin series products of environmental protection, ......

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              AddressJiuxian Industrial Zone,Nandu Town,Liyang City, Jiangsu Province,China(located in 1224 kilometers in the National Highway 104)
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